Portfolio Management - PMS Solutions

Our first and foremost approach to portfolio management is Capital Protection; followed by steady returns which beat benchmark indices. We aim to attract investors who share this conservative view and have the temperament to invest in equities for the long term. Although stocks deliver superior returns, they have two drawbacks.

Firstly, the returns are volatile and secondly, stock selection is of paramount importance. Volatility can be tackled by increasing the holding period, but stock selection requires a high degree of experience, understanding, patience and discipline, which is what we offer to our clients. Our discretionary PMS is ideal for those who:

Portfolio Management - Operational Aspects

  • Documentation -
    A portfolio management and Demat account will be opened and maintained for your investments. Securities purchased will be transferred to your demat account.

  • Portfolio strategy -
    We will develop a portfolio strategy by understanding your investment goals, risk appetite, etc. Each client's stock is purchased/sold on a pool basis but holdings are kept in their respective demat accounts with us. Clients will be given a password to log onto our website and view their portfolios.

  • Investing/shuffling -
    We will execute the plan by taking into consideration the prevailing market scenario and our investment strategy.

  • Reporting -
    We will periodically send you reports and updates on your portfolio's performance. You can also monitor your investment portfolio by logging onto our website and accessing your online account from anywhere, anytime.